The SWUG conference is the group's main industry event and the leading forum for newspaper technology in Australia.

Since 1985, the conference has visited many major newspaper production sites around the country.


SWUG Conference 2016

Delegates from around Australia and New Zealand headed to Penrith in Sydney’s west in March 2016 for the annual Single Width Users Group (SWUG) conference for newspaper production.

The conference drew about 150 delegates from print sites around the region as well as suppliers and international speakers. Over the course of two days, the conference covered a wide range of topics including new press technology, colour measurement and register control, process-free plates, spray dampening and the importance of lubrication.

The conference was held at the Penrith Panthers convention centre and the host site was the Fairfax Media North Richmond site. Delegates visited the site on the Saturday evening to view the combination presslines of single- and double-width coldset towers with heatset printing and UV-drying.

Delegates also visited the nearby Penrith Museum of Printing, a working collection of historic printing machinery that is maintained by volunteers in order to preserve and teach the art of letterpress printing.



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