The SWUG Committee

SWUG is a volunteer-run organisation that relies on the dedication, time and support of many people in the newspaper industry.

The current SWUG committee is as follows:

  • President: Bob Lockley
  • Vice President: Geoff Austin

Committee members:

  • Michael Gee

  • Peter Kirwan

  • Angus Scott

  • Mark Gooding

  • All general enquiries regarding the conference, awards and publications should be made to Bob Lockley, SWUG President, or call (02) 4570 4444.

SWUG President, Bob Lockley.


Learn more about the history of SWUG including a full list of all site visits here.

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Contact us

PO Box 999
North Richmond NSW 2754
Email: swugconference@gmail.com
Tel: (02) 4570 4444